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I am Pierre, a living guide and my job is to guide souls who are not prepared for the sudden transformation to ascend to their final resting place. There, on the other side as it's called, the souls simply sleep for a long time until they are reincarnated or until they are temporarilly summoned and woken up by one of us. One spirit accused me of 'fishing' him out. There are 6 of us living guides. We are mediums and the spirit sees us as bright lights in the darkness. As mediums we can only communicate with those who are passing or who has passed on. Today I talked Aderee, Israel and Usib from Libya

In my most recent past life I was Ismael Bouillai, a Roman Catholic priest born in 1605 in Loudon, France.


E-mail: iquest@444.net
Web Site: Library of Life

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